About Us

If you own or manage a business that depends on customers coming in the door,  you’ve probably wondered what would be the best way to use technologies to drive foot traffic. It’s likely you might have even invested in creating a website, setup social media profiles and spend a lot of money on Google AdWords , yet you are not getting desired results.

It’s either your website is not showing up on Google when a potential customer is searching for a business like yours, or the website is not displaying properly on mobile devices, or you are spending too much money on advertising with no corresponding return on your investment, or may be your case is that you actually have a lot of  visitors to your website but it does not translate to business.

Helping clients to tackle all these challenges and much more is what E-Business Brain stands for. At E-Business Brain, we take an innovative approach to solving marketing related problems using technologies. We use our knowledge skills and experience to conduct an in-depth analysis of your current marketing situation, work with you to set new goals, formulate cost effective strategy using ethical tactics, supported by measurable actions that are controlled for optimal performance.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help clients succeed by providing and managing their online presence.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to enhance the profitability, profile, and growth of businesses we work for.

The name “E-Business Brain” was actually coined by a client to introduce the founder, Mr. Francis Ibikunle to her mom. On this particular day  Thursday 10th November 2011 at about 2.30pm, I was having a strategy session with Ms. Deejay, the owner of a print shop in Grand Prairie, Texas when her mom walked into her office and subconsciously she said, “Mom, meet Francis, my Business Brain. On hearing that,  I had an aha moment that wow!!!,  what an introduction that reflected her perception of me., a few hours later I checked for the domain name availability for businessbrain.com but was already taken, so I had to add “E” to make it  E-Business and to my amazement ebusinessbrain.com was available, that’s how I came about the name” said Mr Ibikunle.

Mr. Ibikunle obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Marketing and a Master of Science degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship both from Full Sail University in Orlando Florida. He is also an engineer, with a Mechanical engineering Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

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