As a small business owner, your online reputation is key to your growth. Your future customers are searching the Internet for solutions, review about your brand and determine whether they visit your store or your competitors, but finding time to manage your reputation online is tough and hiring a full-time employee is out of the question.

You need an easy way to protect, manage and leverage your online reputation. But how, introducing a reputation management solution, we give you the best way to manage your reputation with a one-stop solution that is intuitive and comprehensive.

Easily check hundreds of local directories for your business. Stay ahead of your local competition in putting your brand on a directory you with the need to be in. Your customers don’t expect perfection but they do expect you to listen to a tiny and helpful response to a negative or positive review can help build brand loyalty.

You are already doing half of the job by providing great service. Then give them a simple way to review and share their experience with our comprehensive solution, you can generate more reviews and attract more reviews and attract more customers. You get a notification every time you receive a directory update, reviews, feedback or mentions so you are constantly aware of what’s happening with your brand.

Build, manage and promote your reputation with the solution designed specifically for local businesses.

We Offer 3 Value-Packed Options!

Plan A

Self Service
  • 4 in 1 Reputation Management Software

Plan B

Local SEO Standard
  • Ideal for businesses looking to increase influence with 10 targeted keywords and 5 additional citations created per month.
  • Number of Pages Optimized 10
  • Web Page Copywriting (350 words) 3 pages
  • Title Tag Optimized 10
  • Meta Descriptions Optimized 10
  • Meta Keyword Optimization 10
  • URL Rewrites 10
  • Magazine/News Placement 1
  • Blog Post Outreach 1
  • Press Release Creation and Submission –
  • Additional Business Listings 10
  • Keywords Targeted 10
  • Keyword Group(s) 2
  • Keyword Total Search Volume 2000
  • Recommended Campaign Length 6 months

Plan C

Local SEO Gold
  • For growing businesses that need improved local visibility and a wider reach by targeting 20 keywords and creating 10 additional citations per month.
  • Number of Pages Optimized 20
  • Web Page Copywriting (350 words) 7 pages
  • Title Tag Optimized 20
  • Meta Descriptions Optimized 20
  • Meta Keyword Optimization 20
  • URL Rewrites 20
  • Magazine/News Placement 2
  • Blog Post Outreach 1
  • Press Release Creation and Submission Yes
  • Additional Business Listings 20
  • Keywords Targeted 20
  • Keyword Group(s) 4
  • Keyword Total Search Volume 4000
  • Recommended Campaign Length 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Organic SEO and Local SEO?

Organic SEO is location neutral. It’s ideal for websites that generate revenue exclusively online or are just looking to generate awareness through a wide audience. If you’re running a national campaign or an e-commerce campaign, this is the perfect methodology for you.
Local SEO targets local search specifically. That means that your audience is within a few miles from your business and that your online presence is meant to drive foot traffic to an actual establishment. This is done through several methods including using geo-centric keywords, producing locally relevant content, building citations on local niches and directories, and tying up with websites in the same area.

How many geo locations does our Local SEO packages target?

Each Local SEO Package targets one location. If your business has multiple locations, you would need to buy a package for each one, unless your geo-targets all fall within a 5-mile radius.

What contributes to Local SEO?

On-Page semantic mark-ups and Google Map API integration also help the search engines understand that a website is the virtual representation of a physical business in the location indicated in the map API and marked up in the schema address.

How are citations important for Local SEO?

Google considers the number of citations and where they are in their ranking factor. Nonetheless, the critical part of citations is not their number but the consistency of citations. Each citation must be similar; else Google may display different data for your local business.

How do I place my business in the Google Map pack?

Aside from the Organic and specific Local SEO factors, businesses are displayed in the Google Map pack based on the location of the business and the searcher, data in Google Maps and Google My Business and number of citations pointing to the business and its location among other things.

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